Compliment from Manzel

One of the best compliments I have ever received came from Manzel, a few weeks ago. (Well, it’s kind of obvious that Manzel is my main source of compliments…)

We were looking for a certain touristic objective… let’s say a castle. So we arrived in some parking up on the hill near Pernstejn Castle. We’ve got out of car and for some mysterious reasons we started to follow the crowd (by crowd I mean some couples that happened to arrive in that parking place same time with us). As soon as we left behind the parking, we noticed a “HRAD” sign (translation : to the castle) which pretty much showed the way back to our car.

caygizyt.jpg Brainstorming time:

Alexa : (—>) Ok, we are stupid, Castle is the exact opposite direction

Manzel: (<—) Maybe, but why is everybody going in that direction?

Alexa: I don’t know about other people, maybe they like walking around, maybe they go in the woods for some fresh air… I don’t care. We should go that way( —>), as there is a sign showing direction for stupid people like us. After all, castles are supposed to be e-a-s-i-l-y visible from miles away (it’s one of the biggest castles in Moravia, we’re about 100 meters away.. but we seem to be totally lost!!!)

Manzel: Let’s ask somebody for direction

Alexa: I am NOT going to do such a thing as to ask for direction!!! Why should I let anyone else know that we are stupid?


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