Sighing – torture instrument

I do not know how many of you have read the Gervais Working Rules. One of the rules I didn’t pay attention until now was about sighing loud from time to time.

Sigh: to let out one’s breath audibly, as from sorrow, weariness, or relief.

If you want to get attention upon your hard work, it’s mandatory to sigh out loud in the open space. That can only mean you have so much work to do, you are so extremely busy, you have so many problems to solve…you name it. Recently I discovered that this sighing is a new fashion I have to bare. Ways to express a sigh: “uf uf”; “bůžek bůžek”; “uuuuuuuu-phiiiu”.

Mine might be a little bit sophisticated, I guess. It also implies some karate moves. I take a loud deep breath while saying “Beauty in”- karate move showing how I kidnap Beauty and store it in my body. When I breathe out loud I mention “Ugliness out” – karate move showing something like liberating some little devil out of me. The difference between me and my colleagues is that I don’t do this sighing stuff 5-10 times per hour.

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