5.1 Creative

I love this system’s name: CREATIVE. I guess they couldn’t have found a better name for developing a wife’s imagination on “How to turn that noise maker off”. And it’s not about cutting down the power (YET).

Manzel is a penguin guy. Nevertheless, he seems to love Windows: during the last 3 months he installed Windows XP and Windows Vista for about 10-20 each. (This passion for Windows might have been developed during his work at IBM- prietenii stiu de ce.) As you probably know, every time a system is installed you must check if it works properly: In this present case it’s about checking the 5.1 sound.

Ways to tests your noise makers:

1) Find out what is your wife’s new favourite song. The perfect choice would be a song- dolby surround. Speakers would be tested only in the presence of your wife. (wife might start to hate that song)

2) Watch a horror movie when your wife is speaking with her friend on Yahoo (wife’s friend can also give you feedback about the quality of the sound)

3) Playing shooting games like Sniper, Counter Strike (you can hear the enemy coming behind you, just before the game is over :D)

Challenge: can you do all the above in just one Sunday morning?

The best way a wife can defend from 5.1 is to attack the system. And I have previous experience: me as a user, driving my sysadmin mad; it was work related so I couldn’t have afforded to do much damage. Nevertheless, I unplugged my monitor cable while my system was running, then I unplugged keyboard (system was still running), next I unplugged my computer box (of course, following the pattern, the system was running). And all that because I wanted to clean my desk :D. At 20:00 Friday evening my desk was very clean; but after assembling back my PC, it just didn’t want to start up. That was the moment I called the IT guy, who was getting ready to leave the office in 20 minutes for a rendez-vous.

Control Panel is just a starting point.

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