IT Child was released

While offline, Manzel received a link from his friend. One line, one link: nothing more. It’s called perfect communication between IT guys. (Example of communication between two girls: “Darling, would you please check out this link below?! It’s absolutely great!”)

Once you follow the link, you see some pictures with a new born child. Child is wearing pampers, so there is no easy way to determine if it’s a boy or a girl. If I were to say judging after child’s face, I would say it’s an unisex kid (I’m perfectly aware of the fact that I will be virtually killed in the most mysterious ways the minute his parents get to read about this unisex stuff)

What do IT guys do when it’s such an event in their family? They take pictures, man, THEY TAKE PICTURES!!!!!!!!! Lots!!! And they immediately put them on internet. They do not care about sharing important details such as :
– Sex of their child
– Have they chosen a name yet?
– Date of birth is…?

If you really want to know all these details, here is what you need to do: save the only picture where you can see a tag on the baby’s leg. Zoom in. Could it be there on the tag: sex, name and date of birth? Case you’re not successful during your Sherlock Homes actions, ask for more pictures.

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